01 Oct 2022 Sat 12:07 AM
Ranking 1st-10th

01/10/2021 - 11/11/2021

1st jejetw*** MYR 2,405,650.65
2nd clemen*** SGD 2,099,859.90
3rd bryan6*** SGD 1,813,126.11
4th eujy*** MYR 1,513,728.30
5th leydon*** SGD 1,499,034.57
6th tanjia*** MYR 1,224,478.77
7th chris*** MYR 1,172,757.37
8th layylh*** MYR 953,760.22
9th tathuy*** MYR 860,909.68
10th stevenf*** MYR 684,955.58
Ranking 11th-20th

01/10/2021 - 10/11/2021

11th ckck*** MYR 610,883.18
12th azri2*** MYR 537,541.38
13th bubu8*** MYR 481,804.41
14th mga*** MYR 296,915.48
15th muha*** MYR 294,378.55
16th lowwe*** SGD 124,468.14
17th hahate*** MYR 198,126.78
18th kent1*** MYR 140,193.82
19th pian9*** MYR 136,294.76
20th irm*** MYR 116,002.86
Ranking 21th-30th

01/10/2021 - 10/11/2021

21th girij*** MYR 113,708.46
22th liewand*** MYR 99,426.68
23th kf*** MYR 92,480.63
24th joenb*** MYR 71,201.05
25th thamaraima*** MYR 58,721.32
26th mlg*** MYR 41,221.32
27th ibrahim*** MYR 40,725.50
28th huzn*** MYR 36,311.50
29th lundus*** MYR 30,655.25
30th bangold*** MYR 29,743.34
# Prize: Quantity: Value: Total Value:
1st Macbook Pro 13-inch 1 $7,999 $7,999
2nd Iphone13 Pro (256GB) 2 $5,399 $10,798
3rd Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 4 $3,699 $14,796
4th Huawei Nova 8i 8 $1,299 $10,392
5th Marshall Emberton Protable Speaker 10 $699 $6,990
6th Huawei Band 10 $219 $2,190
7th Bonus 8 30 $8 $240
Competition Details:
  1. This promotion is open for all SMCROWN active players.
  2. All players who bet on slot games can participate in this challenge.
  3. The event will be divided into 3 rounds. Each round takes two weeks (14 days) to accumulate total slots turnover.
  4. Members will get their bonus based on their rankings. The bonus will be automatically deposited into the player's game account within 24 hours after each round.
  5. Qualified games (Slots only):Betsoft, Habanero, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Pocket Games Soft, Joker, CQ9, Dreamtech, Virtual Tech, Iconic Gaming, Skywind, SA Gaming.
  6. The bonus amount has to be rolled 3 times before any withdrawal can be made.
1st Round 01/10/2021-12PM to 14/10/2021-12PM
2nd Round 15/10/2021-12PM to 28/10/2021-12PM
3rd Round 29/10/2021-12PM to 11/11/2021-12PM
Lucky Spin 13/11/2021-12PM & 14/11/2021-12PM
Lucky Draw Details:
  1. After 3-rounds of competition, qualified slot player will get FREE LUCKY SPIN.
  2. Slot player need to hit the minimum turnover of 8,000, to be entitle to get FREE LUCKY SPIN.
  3. The FREE LUCKY SPIN needs to be used within 24 hours, if overtime it will be invalid.
  4. A screenshot of the prize is needed and must be sent to the customer service for confirmation.
  5. The bonus will be automatically deposited into the player's account; the prizes will be sent to the winner's address within 7-14 days.
13/11/2021 1st - 30th X 2
14/11/2021 Below 30th (Qualified Slot Player) X 1
Term & Conditions:
  1. This event will count the turnover of players who bet on slot games only .
  2. Table betting games (such as blackjack, video poker , craps, American roulette, baccarat and other non-live table betting games and non-slot games are not included in the method that meets this turnover requirement.
  3. Any bet placed on two opposite sides or draw will not be taken into the calculation or count towards any rollover requirement.
  4. SMCROWN reserves the right to make unilateral decisions, and can modify the terms and condiOons of this promotion at any time, as well as stop, terminate or cancel this promotion.
  5. SMCROWN adheres to the principles of fairness, impartiality and openness to ensure that the competition is carried out happily under a fair system.